Tina Lee decided to shift careers from the medical field in hopes of finding a career that she found more fulfilling and offered opportunity to earn more income. She enrolled in an in-person coding bootcamp to learn the skills necessary to become a programmer. She was recruited to work for a software company before she completed the program and spent 3 years there. She has since decided to follow entrepreneurial pursuits with her new skill-set and is currently enrolled in an online program to receive her MBA. The content she contributes stems from her direct experience with her own career shift.

Dane Christianson is a writer who has been developing his craft since a young age. After completing college with a degree in English he had a desire to find an income source that allowed him to pursue his creative passions. Dane completed programs at UCLA extension to develop computer programming skills and has been working as a freelance web developer. Along with his contributions to Xhtml Pro, Dane is working on his first novel.