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Popular Online Trade Degrees

You no longer have to spend four-five years in universities to have a successful career after high school. Nowadays, trade degrees are becoming highly popular as it allows you to gain professional competencies without a college education. Best of all, various Distance learning platforms now offer quality education online.
In this blog post, we’ll list the most popular online trade degrees that are worth getting. Let’s get started!

White Hat Hacking

It may sound unworldly to you, but white hat hacking is a legitimate profession that applies several facets of web programming & coding. Web programming primarily focuses on the development and formation process. On the contrary, white-hat hacking plays a significant role in IT Security Management. It involves preventing sensitive data leaks and cyber crimes by continuously penetrating & assessing vulnerabilities within the system.

But, to break into such systems, one requires a specific skill set. That explains why it’s among the most lucrative field in tech. In fact, most experts make a minimum of hundred grand annually. So, if this seems interesting to you, an online degree that focuses on this field can help. Fortunately, you’ll come across several online courses and degrees where you can learn more about the Ethical Hacking trade.

Graphic Design

Visual stimuli drive almost everything in today’s world. Graphic design is another profession that emerges to address this need. It covers nearly every modern aspect of marketing and tech. The demand for such creatives is high, with most businesses and companies requiring marketing initiatives and company branding.

Today, Graphic design is among the most in-demand professions. Plus, this profession is popular among millennials, especially those who value flexibility and self-employment. If you have interests in creative pursuits, an online course focusing on this field might be a great option. You’ll get to learn more about the foundations of typography, product design, and illustration, and color theory, among others.

Web Programming & Coding

In today’s digital age, web programming & coding is among the most celebrated professions. That explains why child prodigies and teens are enrolling in courses to learn more about it even before college. Best of all, everything you need to know about this trade is readily available on the internet.

Web developers are responsible for designing sites and incorporating key components that make everything cohesive. They can even choose to create the main interface or work on back-end security and maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Moreover, there are numerous online courses and degrees that focus on different web programming aspects, including web design and development. You’ll also find coding courses, which include JavaScript, Scala, and Python.

Technical Writing

Do you consider yourself as someone who keeps a close eye on details? Do you have a knack for writing copies that are clear and comprehensive? If so, a career in technical writing might be for you!

Technical writing is among the most valuable skills that can open up incredible opportunities. Moreover, most industries today require at least one technical writer to curate unique marketing content and copies for business.

It may require the caliber to digest difficult and sensitive information and transform them into a more readable and comprehensible piece for the target audience. Fortunately, numerous online courses and degrees are available today that can help you improve your technical writing skills.

Video Editing

Video editing ranks the top for being among the most popular careers in the multimedia and audiovisual realm. Whether it’s simple vlogs or large-scale movie production, video editing experts always have opportunities in several creative pursuits.

Today’s fast-paced content creation industry depends heavily on visuals. So, signing up for an online course or degree in video editing will open up incredible career opportunities.