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Popular Careers That People Shift to After Their First Career

In the whole lifetime, people typically change their jobs at most 10 times. But even the best statistics were not able to keep track of the career changes since there is no proper agreement on what actually the reason behind career changes. So, there are no proper statistics that reveal in reality how many people actually shift to their second career.

Why People Change Their Career

This answer varies from one person to another. For example, someone may change their career just because they got tired of their 9-5 career. Others may shift to the second career since their first job didn’t earn them as much as they dreamt of when they started that career. So, mostly it is financial stability issues or type of the job they are doing.

People will continue in their current job only when they find that passion. Otherwise, they go in search of other jobs. So, it is not always money.

Popular Second Careers

There are several reasons some other careers may look attractive to you than the current one. For example, the second career you chose didn’t demand any special training or education. More than this, you think that the second career is easy to handle and you can enjoy it more than the stressful first career.

So, here is a list of second careers that are very popular.

  • Dental Assistant

This career just needs an associate degree or in some cases a diploma. Here you need a few responsibilities to handle. It can be preparing the patients for upcoming dental procedures or assisting dentists when they are performing procedures. There is a situation when you may have to perform front-office work as well.

  • Veterinary Technologist or Technician

This is the best career to choose after you left your first career if you are an animal lover. Here you will be performing jobs like caring and comforting injured animals. This is very similar to what the nurse does since here also you need to assist the veterinarians. You may have to collect blood samples from animals for further testing.

  • Personal Trainer

If you love to assist people in their health and fitness goals then this is the best second career for you. Here you need to design exercise regimens and keep track of the client’s performance. More than that, you need to motivate your client in one or another way. This job may demand some certifications to be completed online or offline.

  • Massage Therapist

To choose this as the second career, you may have to gain a certificate or diploma. You need to have that tender touch required for patients when massaging them.

  • Patient Care Technician

This job also requires a diploma to be completed and here your responsibility being a patient care technician is performing similar duties like that of a nurse. You may also have to take blood samples for further tests.

These are some of the best options that can be chosen as the second career. Even though they need a diploma or certificate, after completing that you can carry out these careers easily without much effort.

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Business Degrees Offered Online From Reputable Universities

The invention of the internet really transformed the landscape and brought about sweeping changes across the board in the society. From shopping to entertainment, business to education there is not a field that has been left untouched by the internet. As such these days we have online education that offers courses over the internet and once you complete the program you are awarded legitimate certificates based on your performance. In terms of business degrees there are multiple reputable universities that offer multi semester online courses to the potential students so that they can complete the course over the internet.

Things to look for when choosing a business degree

The bachelors degree in business administration inculcates all the necessary financial and managerial skills that are required by the business companies across the globe. The BBA degree also known as bachelor of business administration is one of the most popular degrees that is offered online and it teaches students different managerial aspects such as working with numbers, managing people and improving company’s performance. The students pursuing these online business management courses are taught how organizations and businesses grow, operate and eventually transform.

These business administration degrees also teach the students about analyzing data, thinking creatively as well as managing projects. A typical bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree covers complete aspects of the business and it provides insight and information on management, human resources, sales and marketing, accounting, information systems, budget development, finance, business ethics and laws and economics. Most of the business degree programs that are offered online allow the students to gain specialization in areas of international business, finance, accounting, computer information systems or marketing. The quality of any business degree offered can be measured by quality of program, kinds of courses, faculty, rankings, awards and reputation. Let us have a look at some of the best business degrees that you get online from the different reputable universities.

UF online Warrington college of business administration:

This university was founded way back in the year 1853 and with more than 52,000 students on its roster it is one of the biggest universities in the country. University of Florida is one of the senior members of state university system in Florida. The university offers multiple programs that can then lead to various graduate, undergraduate and the doctoral degrees. The UF online Warrington college of business administration offers online bachelor in science in business administration with the majors in the general business. This course offers students a strong foundation in various crucial business principles. The business law, economics, accounting and marketing are some of the common subject taught to the students. Some of the specific college courses that students get to study with this program includes introduction to the managerial accounting, operations management, introduction to statistics, principles of entrepreneurship, principles of micro-economics, principles of macro-economics, survey of the calculus and problem solving with the computer software. The graduates of this degree are eligible for accelerated online program of MBA offered by the university.

Terry business college, University of Georgia:

The bachelor of business administration program offered by Terry business college online is one of the best programs in terms of business studies. This programs is specifically designed for professionals and it prepares graduates for impressive careers in the fields of entrepreneurship and management. The online 121 credit hour business degree requires an individual to have a minimum of 60 hours in transferable credits before they can start the program of bachelors degree.

Some of the major courses offered in this program or degree includes business law, financial modeling, financial management, consumer behavior, analysis of statistics for business, operations management, organizational behavior and international strategic management. The faculty that teaches the campus course also provides lessons for the online students. The bachelors degree can be completed by the students in about three years.

Rutgers online business school:

The Rutgers university founded in 1766 offers graduate, undergraduate and professional degrees to a whopping 50,000 students. The business school of Rutgers offers bachelor of arts in business administration which is designed specifically to give the students a broad base in the field of business administration. Students can then use this business knowledge and apply it in the real world. This program can either be completed on part time or full time basis with starting dates available in spring and fall.

The college courses that are available in this program includes finance principles, managing multinational business, applied business statistics, organizational behavior, marketing principles and management of information systems. Students have the option of choosing one of the two branches that includes hospitality management or the general track.

Before you decide to subscribe and pay the fees for any of the online business degrees it is important that you must do your research so that you only choose the best suited degree for yourselves.