7 Effective Tips for Choosing the Right Web Design Service Provider


web-design-banner1While it’s one thing to have a website, it’s quite another thing to select a web designer who will help to transform your vision into reality. There are tons of web designers out there. The key is to find one that will suit your needs to a tee.

Here are some tips to accomplish that mission:

1. Know which type of web designer you need
This will help to narrow your search. Here are some of the main types of web designers:

website designer: Helps to determine the page layout, text location, colors, and graphics; navigation; and how the various pages will cross-link

website programmer: Uses the Website Designer’s design and then writes code to make the website run.

Graphics Designer/Artist: Creates or selects the websites’ graphics. This includes issues such as layout, colors, illustrations, photos, logos, etc.

Internet marketing consultant: Helps to determine how to implement your website in your general market strategy, and how to increase traffic and sales to your website.

Firm in Dallas Texas2. Determine if you want the web designer to be in-house or remote
Regardless of which option you take, it’s important to keep some important issues in mind. Review their portfolio sites to determine how satisfied you are about their work. Also, make sure that the candidate is interested in your website. If not, then you should look elsewhere. It’s also helpful if a web designer has some experience in online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Another issue is whether or not they do their layout/graphic design of websites. If they don’t then they might be able to recommend someone. Finally, ask about their rates for designing your website. Make sure that the rate is reasonable as per industry standards.

4. Prepare a contract that gives you the legal rights to the website
This includes items such as the website’s coding and graphics. Items that can be excluded include stock graphics and photos—by definition they’re public domain. It’s absolutely critical that a web designer be willing to sign a contract that acknowledges your ownership of the website. Otherwise you could find yourself in a logistical nightmare later.

5. Get personal referrals
Referrals are one of the best ways to hire workers, including web designers. The key benefit is that it’s based on personal relationships. Finding quality applicants usually isn’t a problem. However, when you use referrals you have the added bonus of having a personal connection with the referred web designer. Although this doesn’t guarantee that a candidate will work out, it’s much more likely since the referrer can vouch for the referee’s skills, professionalism, etc.

6. Verify that a candidate can meet deadlines
Time is money, and especially in the 24/7 world of the Internet. Make sure that a web designer candidate is able to meet whatever deadlines you have for your website. If they’re currently working on other projects, it might become an issue. In that case you might have to extend the deadline a bit, or consider a different candidate. While deadlines can have some flexibility, it’s important that the web designer is able to meet them once he or she agrees to do as such.

7. Consider X factors of web design candidates
Some of these factors include a candidate’s communication skills and project management skills. It’s important that a web designer be able to communicate with you effectively regarding various issues related to the website’s design. Project management skills are also important, as the design of the website will include various development aspects that must be done in tandem. If any aspect of the process doesn’t proceed smoothly, it can cause major issues related to the design of the website.

8. Get Found! 

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